Making your first dollar on the internet:

It's a pretty fun day when it happens, making that first dollar. As a reminder, you do have to work at it, like any other job, if you want to make money from the internet. I wish there was a magical program, something you just plugged in to your computer and money came pouring in. I have never found that program. Working from home, starting an online money making business, it can happen, but you need to be ready to experiment and work at it.

Making money online:

You don't have to start a website of your own to make money from an online business! Maybe you love playing video games, maybe you love watching ELEAGUE, sometimes shortened as EL, it's a professional eSports league. If so, you might try something like finding a way to 'Make Money Playing' video games. Maybe you can be a video game tester? This is just one quick example so you see what we are talking about. There are many ways to begin your dream of making money while you are online. You just have to pick a way to try and get at it.

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