How To Start

First thing first, you need to decide what type of online business you want to do. What do I mean?

  • Start A Blog? Do you have strong opinions? Do you have a passion? Do you have a hobby? What do you like to talk about? Starting a Blog is pretty easy.
  • Sell Affiliate Products? This is where you use your knowledge to maybe create a simple website and offer products from other people. Look around this website, it's one of the things I do. Check out some of my offers, you may just find your money-making answer right here.
  • Make Money on You-Tube? It will take time to be a You Tube star, but you can start your own channel and see if people will come see what you have to offer.
  • Be a Social Media Super-Star? By the way, this is not a crazy idea and ties in with doing a blog. Maybe you want to do only Instagram, you can do that. I wouldn't suggest it, you really need a website to be your home base even if you spend all your time on Instagram, SnapChat or Facebook. 

If starting a website is part of your plan, make it easy, DMV Domains is the place to get you started, when you sign up for the website builder (helps you step by step) you will get a free domain/website name at checkout.